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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Ask most people which room is the most important room in the house, and they will answer: the kitchen. In my experience, you don’t want to over-stage a kitchen, less is always more! Saying that though, I do have a few trade staples that I consistently use to really make potential buyers fall deeply in love.


There’s just something about sparkling water in a green glass bottle that screams luxury. Displaying a few bottles of San Pellegrino can make a kitchen feel refreshing and luxurious.

San Pellegrino $1.47


When is comes to cookbooks, always choose hardcover over paperback. Be sure to consider the style of house and targeted demographic when selecting which cookbook you display. If it’s a family suburban home with some modern farmhouse flare, then Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines is a great choice. If it’s a 1 bedroom condo downtown Toronto, then maybe Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings makes more sense. Whatever it is, you’re trying imply a particular lifestyle that will appeal to your target buyer.

Magnolia Table $32.21


Layering in a few wood boards in varying sizes adds a touch of warmth and hominess to a kitchen. Adding a bit of a natural element like this, works especially well in an all white kitchen.

Jamie Oliver Wood Board $26.00


Faux lemons are a staple for me, that little pop of colour creates s a cheerful bright vibe and makes potential buyers think clean and lemony fresh.

Faux Lemons $13.50


Where else are you going to display those lemons? A nice low bowl full of lemons is a perfect addition to any island or peninsula. This simple wire bowl is contemporary, minimal, and not too much that it will steal the show.

Wire Bowl $32.19


I have a “plant in every room” rule when staging any property. They just bring life to any space. I’ve found, the best place to buy faux plants is Homesense. Wayfair and Amazon sell them too (like this one I’ve shown here) but they tend to be on the pricier side.

Faux Potted Plant $46.99


You want to get buyers onboard by helping them imagine themselves cooking and entertaining in your kitchen. Showcasing with some high quality kitchen utensils is an easy way to sets the stage for this and makes buyers fall in love.

Wood Utensils $35.98


This marble container works with any style of home. It’s versatile and luxurious and is the perfect place to display all your fancy wood utensils.

Marble Utensil Holder $35.99

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  • Amanda Shields

I know it's not technically Fall yet but can't you just feel it in the air? For me, back to school marks the first day of Fall. After Labour Day, everything immediately starts to change; cooler weather, shorter days ...not to mention the real estate market. I don't know about you but, I'm already feeling the buzz of the Fall market. Saying that, below you'll find some tips on how to add a whole new level of coziness to your Fall listings. Trust me, buyers will want to curl up with a book and never leave your property again. Enjoy!


The days are getting shorter and that means more potential buyers will be driving by or viewing your home in the dark. Adequate lighting is essential if you want to highlight your home’s best features. Well-lit rooms not only look larger, they also feel more inviting. Keep lights on when possible so buyers feel that glowing welcome as soon as they pull up.


Who doesn’t want to imagine themselves relaxing with a glass of wine beside a cozy fireplace? Take advantage of the season and help buyers see them selves at home during your open house. Few things say “welcome home” like the warmth and sound of a crackling fire.


With fall, come leaves, and sometimes lots of them. As beautiful as they are, you don’t want the first thing potential buyers to imagine is the amount of raking they’re going to have to do if they purchase this house. Make sure your exterior is in good shape, rake those leaves, patch up brown spots on the grass and add in some seasonal flowers to spruce things up.


This is where you can really up your coziness game. Layering in plush textiles with lots of texture is what’s going to really draw your buyers in. Adding in some fur throw pillows and chunky knit blankets will encourage a buyer to feel relaxed and at home, ready to curl up with a good book. Even a strategically placed pair of fuzzy slippers beside a bed can be a nice touch.


Take a trip to Homesense this time of year and you will be drowning in pumpkins and turkeys and a sea of orange and red and yellow. Don’t be tempted to use this type of kitschy décor in your listing. It draws too much attention away from the features of the house and may end up being completely out of place should your listing run into the Christmas season.


I’ve never been a fan of using seasonal plug ins and candles in an attempt to trigger the olfactory senses or worse, mask any unpleasant smells. For many people these types OF synthetic fragrances can irritate allergies and even trigger migraines. Instead, why not simmer some spiced warm apple cider on the stove and offer guests a warm glass at your open house? What a better way to break the ice and make potential buyers feel at home.

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