The Staging Process


So, you’re ready to sell your property and you want to secure the maximum return on your investment, right?    Using our honest, professional and creative approach we will share with you, our professional extensive knowledge of buyer behaviours,  property marketing and strategic home staging techniques to create a finished product that will appeal to the  broadest range of todays buyers and their lifestyle.    Follow our trusted, 4 Steps to a Successful Sale, in order to get the most out of your biggest investment.  Let's get started......... 



If you're not sure where to start, then you have come to the right place.  To begin the process, you will need to book a consultation with us.  This is where we evaluate the condition of your home and how that relates to your specific financial goals.  We conduct an on-site tour of your property creating a detailed list of our recommended improvements and updates. Our certified, professional home stager can offer expert advise on which key improvements you'll want to invest in, to get the biggest bang for your buck.   Together we will come up with the ultimate selling strategy!


  • A friendly, Professional Home Stager, with your best interest in mind.   We will provide you with the most effective recommendations to ensure a quick and profitable sale of your home.

  • A full evaluation of your home – your Stager will review the home with you, room by room, to address all recommendations, from updates and repairs, to colour palette and furniture arrangements, as well as answer any questions that you might have.   Your stager will also be taking photographs and measurements of each room.

  • You will NOT need to take notes! We will write down all of the information that you need and provide you with our notes immediately following the consultation.

  • Your qualified Stager will work with you to understand how you live in your home, and will work to provide you with solutions to ensure as little disruption to your day-to-day life as possible.

  • An unbiased buyer’s perspective on your home – we have studied buyer behaviours and have created a formula for selling your home that works! It’s simple – the more you do, the more you’ll get. We will address how each recommendation will impact your prospective buyers, to help you to determine what you are capable of completing within your timeline and budget, and help you to prioritize your tasks.

  • We have access to top qualified trades and suppliers in the region, and will provide these recommendations to you for no charge.

  • A quotation will be provided within 24 hours of your consultation for our recommended staging services.


Consultation, occupied property:


Consultation, vacant property:


Price is based on a 2 hour consultation for up to a 2000 square foot property.  Any additional hours are billed at a rate of  $100/per hour. 

Price is based on properties within 30km of Newmarket, Ontario.  Additional travel costs applicable for properties outside of this service area.

Cost of Vacant Consultation is returned as a rebate once staging services are confirmed




Once we have a selling strategy in place, it's time to execute a plan of action.  After the consultation, you will be left with a detailed checklist of improvements to tackle on your own.   This crucial prep work is required before moving on to the next step, staging.  If you aren't the DIY type, we are happy to refer you to any of our preferred trade partners to help you complete all or some of the tasks.


  • By now, your stager would have left you with your personalized Property Prep Checklist.  This is a  comprehensive list of tasks that need to be completed in order to prepare your home for staging.

  • You will be expected to roll up your sleeves a bit and tackle each task before the scheduled staging date.

  • Decluttering is the first task you should complete before taking on any of the other  prep work.  At your consultation, your stager would have identified  which items need to be removed, donated and/or stored in an offsite storage facility until it's time to relocate them to your new property.  If your property is vacant, then you are one step ahead of the game.

  • Your Property Prep Checklist will outline, in detail, any recommended enhancements, repairs, or updates, and will include a list of our preferred trade partners, should you need further assistance.

  • Aim to implement a minimum of 75% of the recommendations provided.  If you cannot commit to this, potential buyers may not recognize your efforts and the work that you do. 

  • Once all the enhancements are completed, the property will need a deep clean.   Your stager will provide you with a cleaning checklist for you to refer to, ensuring no stone is left unturned. 

  • Your professional stager will follow up with friendly  phone call several days before the staging date to ensure that things are on track, and to answer any questions that may have popped up along the way.


The cost of prep work varies depending on the condition of the property.    Depending on how handy you are, and how much time you have, you can always cut costs by completing some of the enhancements yourself.  We do not recommend taking on any tasks that require a licensed trade person, if not done properly, this type of work could end up costing you much more than you bargained for.  


  • Access to the home staging rental items. With a minimum rental as low as $____, <YOUR COMPANY> can provide you with the finishing pieces that your home needs – artwork, accessories, decorative pillows, furniture, and more. Renting the staging items that you need is a great, low-cost alternative to purchasing these items, and we’ll take care of the selection and placement for you! If you would prefer to purchase the items to use in staging, and keep for your next house, we can help with that as well!



If you have completed all the items on the Property Prep Checklist then you are ready to hand your keys over to the experts at Mint Condition Staging.  We now have a perfect canvas to work with and will begin infusing stunning decor and furniture pieces to create a showstopper property.  We don't just stage your home, we bring it to life, creating a lifestyle setting that is sure to connect with a wide range of potential buyers.  


  • Your professional home stager and her team of  talented staging professionals will have full access to  your property in order to work their magic.

  • We ask that you make arrangements to vacate the property for the duration of the staging.  That includes you, your children and your pets.  We are are happy to recommend a professional pet care facility if you require.

  • Access to the home staging rental items.  Mint Condition Staging will provide you with the finishing pieces that your home needs – artwork, accessories, decorative pillows, furniture, and more.  Renting the staging items that you need is a great, low-cost alternative to purchasing these items, and we’ll take care of the delivery, planning and installation for you.

  • We are insured!  Although unlikely, in the event that a problem should arise, rest assured that we are fully insured up to 2 million dollars.

  • Once your property has sold, you will need to contact Mint Condition Staging to de-stage your home.  We usually need 2 weeks notice to book a de-stage.


Staging, includes room planning, pick & pack, installation & de-staging:

Starts at $500

Furniture & Accessory Rental:

Prices vary depending on scope of project


Prices vary depending on scope of project

A quotation for recommended staging services will be provided to the home owner 24 hours following the consultation.    We require a signed contract and  60% downpayment to secure your booking.  The remaining funds are required  2 business days before the stage date.  




This is when you sit back and swoon over your newly staged property.  You will start wondering "why am I selling again?".   By now, you or your realtor should have arranged professional photography and officially  listed your property on the real estate market   Your photographs will be magazine worthy and multiple offers start rolling in.  Congrats! Time to pop the champagne!  The SOLD sign is up and you are on to bigger and better things.   And don't worry, If you've fallen in love with your staged home, we're happy to recreate the look in your new home too!   


  • Short Notice Showings – In a perfect world you will have ample notice for all showings, but the reality is that sometimes you will receive notice of a showing at the last minute. In order to avoid the stress of preparing for a showing each time you get the call, strive to maintain the “show-ready” home at all times. Keep your "Open House Checklist" handy and remember to put items back where they belong after use. This will help you to leave the house quickly every time.

  • Temporary Less Comfortable Day-to-day Living – It is not easy to live in a show-home, but our goal in staging your home for sale is to reduce the time you’ll need to live this way. You may even find that living in this state will help you to reduce the clutter and unnecessary items in your next home!

  • Increased Market Visibility – If you have listed your home with a local Real Estate Agent, your home will likely be marketed through various mediums, including the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Remember that many of your buyers will view your photos online before visiting your home, so be sure to remove personal items (such as children’s names) from visible areas prior to photos.

  • Where You Never Think They’ll Look – If it’s sold with the house, they will look there. For more details on this, review the full information sheet that your professional stager provided to you at your consultation  The bottom line is to be sure that any area sold with the house shows at it’s best.

  • Buyers Making Themselves At Home – While it might seem somewhat intrusive to have strangers making themselves comfortable in your home, it means that you have achieved the ultimate goal – they are envisioning themselves in the house! Creases on the couch mean that they have sat down to take in the room.

  • Be Prepared for Feedback – Your agent will likely advise you of the feedback that the potential buyers provide to their agents. Some concerns may not be easily addressed (layout, location, etc), but be sure to listen to the constructive advice that they provide regardless. We spend years hearing about what our friends and family love about our house, so it is not easy to hear what others may not like. It is important to keep in mind that these are actual buyers looking for a home, and your house fits their basic criteria, so what they are saying does have value. You are not just selling your house; you may be selling their next home.

  • High Buyer Expectations – Regardless of the price point of your home, your buyers will expect a move-in ready home.


Prepping and Staging your property can cost you anywhere from 1-5% of the cost of your home.   Considering that a staged home will sell, on average, 17% higher than an unstaged home, you can expect to secure at least 12% more equity on your property than if you sold it as-is.  That's a pretty good return!  Not to mention, staged homes spent 90% less time on the market than non-staged homes.  Don't leave money on the table, a small investment now will lead to a big return later and Mint Condition Staging can walk you through the whole process.